Ensuring you never completely lose your files


Whether at home or at work, we’ve all experienced it at some point: the frustration when you lose some important computer files.

For businesses, the risk of file loss is even more significant. You’re relying on your team as well as yourself not to accidentally delete something. Moreover, there is a risk of data theft, the number of files you work with is likely to be far greater, you’ve got multiple devices to consider, as well as the standard threats of malicious third party activity and hardware or software failure.

And of course, if you were to lose files permanently it could be critical to your businesses fortunes, both reputationally and financially.

Back-up and disaster recovery

At Nebula, we can help you mitigate all of the above risks and we can also manage your file back-ups. This means that if the worst does happen, we can quickly recover the latest versions of your data to minimise the impact on your business. It gives you peace of mind that your business cannot be completely derailed with one accidental push of a button or malicious activity.

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